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Hailing from the booming Merseyside pop scene, singer-songwriter Christy Bellis is no stranger to the stage. Sonically influenced by Eighties pop and the likes of Marina and Shirley Manson, Christy provides a fresh, raw commentary on life and the ever-changing political climate we live in, with a magnetic presence to match.

From capturing her thoughts and perceptions of the world in a notepad to creating demo’s in her bedroom; Christy has spent the last two years honing in on her craft, self-producing her debut EP at home alongside her father Nick (with surprisingly minimal arguments).

Her debut EP Human Nature, released October 2021, draws on Christy’s own honest experiences as a woman over an intoxicating soundtrack of pop and rock sounds; with her often tongue in cheek tone contrasting a rich and powerful vocal. The EP celebrates the importance of independence and self worth, whilst also unpacking themes and discussions of misogyny, sexual harassment and consent. Lead tracks Bridesmaid and Human Nature were backed by several radio stations including KCC Live and Mersey Radio, with the EP’s title track also being added to the match-day playlist at Anfield. As a Red herself, Christy really welcomed this news.

In 2022, Christy is looking forward to creating and sharing her new music with you! Off the back of her debut Headline at EBGBS's Liverpool, she's excited to get back on stage and expand her gig circuit beyond the loving Merseyside scene. (Entry will only permitted to those wearing dancing shoes and those who are up for a good time.)