"I always say that the best music transports you away to its own universe, in the same way as great art exists on its own terms. And that rule of thumb can be applied here. Bellis takes it to another level via the five tracks of the EP. A superb debut, on so many levels."

-Liverpool Noise

"The strength of Christy’s voice is brought to the fore and is suited to the bold writing style that takes a song by the scruff of it’s neck and brings it to life."

- Angry Baby

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Abbie Jennings Photography

Hailing from the booming Merseyside pop scene, singer-songwriter Christy Bellis is no stranger to the stage. Sonically influenced by Eighties pop and the likes of Marina and Shirley Manson, Christy provides a fresh, raw commentary on life and the ever-changing political climate we live in, with a magnetic presence to match.

From capturing her thoughts and perceptions of the world in a notepad to creating demo’s in her bedroom; Christy has spent the last two years honing in on her craft, self-producing her debut EP at home alongside her father Nick (with surprisingly minimal arguments).

Her debut EP Human Nature, released October 2021, draws on Christy’s own honest experiences as a woman over an intoxicating soundtrack of pop and rock sounds; with her often tongue in cheek tone contrasting a rich and powerful vocal. The EP celebrates the importance of independence and self worth, whilst also unpacking themes and discussions of misogyny, sexual harassment and consent. Lead tracks Bridesmaid and Human Nature were backed by several radio stations including KCC Live and Mersey Radio, with the EP’s title track also being added to the match-day playlist at Anfield. As a Red herself, Christy really welcomed this news.

In 2022, Christy is looking forward to creating and sharing her new music with you! Off the back of her debut Headline at EBGBS's Liverpool, she's excited to get back on stage and expand her gig circuit beyond the loving Merseyside scene. (Entry will only permitted to those wearing dancing shoes and those who are up for a good time.)



OUT 10/06/22

Chirsty Bellis ARTWORK THIS GIRL.png

'This Girl' is Christy’s most personal, intimate song to date. Sonically inspired by the power ballads of 80s pop-rock acts, and female singer-songwriters of the 00s, the track follows the story of Christy herself fighting with existential anxiety and feelings of lowness shared by an entire generation. With intimate, stripped back verses juxtaposed by uplifting anthemic choruses that beg you to turn that phone light on and wave along, Christy is back with a bang.     


Speaking about the track, Christy said: “It began almost as a diary entry, a way to clear my thoughts and bring myself out of a really low time in my life. As a lot of 20 somethings seem to be doing, I was battling with thoughts of failure and confusion about my path in life. It felt as though my dreams were getting further and further out of reach. It was also as if I was portraying ‘Christy’ to the entire world, yet on the inside I didn’t even recognise myself. I wrote this song to help me recognise the need for something to change; my mindset needed to shift. I often come back to the song now if I ever feel myself slipping back into that place.”

Christy is accompanying the release with a stunning music video on Monday 13th June, shot by Matchbox Productions (Crawlers, The Lottery Winners). Set around the picturesque pine-woodlands and dramatic dunes of Formby, Christy’s epic power ballad has the scenic visuals to match. 


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  1. Bridesmaid

  2. No Means No

  3. Human Nature

  4. Controller

  5. Bored

Released 08.10.21  



Art work by Abbie Jennings.

All tracks written and recorded by Christy Bellis.

Produced and mixed by Christy Bellis and Nick Bellis.

Mastered by Ben Booker.

Nick Bellis – Drums on “Bridesmaid” and “No Means No”.
Tim Gray – Additional guitar on “Bridesmaid”, “No Means No” and “Human Nature”.
Jay Cresswell – Additional bass guitar on “Bridesmaid”, “No Means No” and “Human Nature”.

Joe Bellis – Additional backing vocals on “No Means No”.
Dan Atkins – Acoustic guitar on acoustic version of “Bridesmaid” (Limited Edition CD only)

Upcoming Gigs


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Photography (Left and Right)- Abbie Jennings 

Previous Gigs:

The Snig Widnes- Saturday 21st May 2022

E.B.G.B.S Liverpool (Headline)- Saturday 5th March 2022

Liverpool Arts Bar- Sunday 28th November 2021

FC2 Warrington- Friday 15th October 2021

Photography (Left and Right)- Naomi Kane
(Centre)- Abbie Jennings 

Music Videos




Email: christy.bellis@icloud.com

Contact Number: 07879593719

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